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the following sneak peek trailers of some of our latest wedding films. Our Wedding Videographers and Filmmakers are available for Chicago weddings as well as destination weddings.


Wedding and Event Planner Cheryl Clisby did the impossible when she transformed Union Station into the most legendary wedding we have ever witnessed. The massive amount of coordination and work involved is still mind blowing to us well after the wedding. Ofer and Jaclyn are truly a legendary couple and their love was showcased in the most beautiful backdrop imaginable. Creating an epic Wedding Film for such an event was a task we excitedly accepted. The journey has been an amazing one and like always, we made friends with some very incredible people.

 Breathe In, Breathe Out

Sometimes our destination weddings aren’t on a hot tropical beach that serves you a fruity mixed drink with an umbrella as soon as you step foot on the premises. Nope sometimes it’s in the heart of middle America, in a far away place called Indiana. Listen, Indiana is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t believe us, just watch Kurt and Patty’s love filled wedding trailer. These two had so much love for each other it was insane. We chose this song because it really tapped into those looks they keep giving each other and emphasized all that love we captured with our cameras.

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

We pride ourselves on really focusing on ways to incorporate the personalities of our brides and grooms into each wedding film we produce. Patrick and Erin’s wedding is a shining example of when a plan comes together. Go ahead and try to hide that ear to ear grin while you watch this. They both have such a huge love for life, not to mention each other and the whole wedding party was the same way. The energy in this wedding trailer is off the Richter scale. Congratulations to an amazing couple!

In Your Arms

Filming in beautiful downtown Chicago Illinois is an incredible opportunity and we are so thankful to have this setting as our playground. Whether it’s a huge wedding or just an intimate gathering of a few friends and family members, you really can’t beat shooting downtown. The traffic can be a nightmare at times, but you learn to work around it. Rich and Solongo had the intimate wedding with friends, family and an awesome little dog named Archie. A close and personal affair with a beautifully sunlit Chicago backdrop. Enjoy.

Where We Belong

Jimmy took Elizabeth to New York for her birthday. Jimmy made reservations at an amazing restaurant, Restaurant Daniel, where he proposed during dessert. The waiter brought a covered bowl and placed it in front of Liz. He uncovered the bowl revealing the ring sitting atop a mound of sugar-the rim of the bowl read–“Will you marry me Elizabeth?” Jimmy knows how to get it done. The two of them are so full of life and completely in love with each other, it is impossible not to be happy watching them on their wedding day. Not to mention a beautiful Greek reception at Concorde Banquets.

All This Time

A fantastic wedding film shot on location in Cancun Mexico, All This Time was a significant title/song as the words were something with which Matt and Brandi could truly identify and you’ll see why. Before they journeyed to Mexico to officially become the Christensens, Matt and Brandi spent many vacations south of the border and couldn’t have imagined sharing their vows in any other place. We were excited to be along for the ride, even if it did take us weeks to get the sand out of our gear. And a shot out to Top Gun never hurts either.

The Bridgeport Limited

We’ve shot a number of weddings at the Bridgeport Art Center, but a personality like Sujay’s is definitely one-of-a-kind. He and his stunning bride Rikita put their own spin on their South Asian wedding. And they did it with personality, class and style. They are big fans of all things cinema, so it was a challenge to produce a wedding film to rival their favorites. Take a look at the sneak peek wedding trailer and let us know how we did. Sujay and Rikita loved it, and we wish them all the best that life can provide.

The New Luckiest Man in the World

Michael and Swathi’s wedding was an magnificent event and brought two cultures together in perfect unison incorporating important details from each seamlessly blending them with what looked like no effort at all. We couldn’t be happier to watch two remarkable people in love share their wedding with all these terrific friends and loving family members. I hope that when the day comes when I give a speech at my own son or daughter’s wedding that I can be as original, heartfelt, entertaining and endearing as the two fathers in this wedding film.

Such is Life

Vamos a la playa! Oz and Naile were married on an incredible beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Being snow riddled Midwestern folk, we obviously jumped at the chance to shoot this January wedding. Their family and friends made us feel welcome and right at home. What a terrific collection of people! The speeches, the dancing , the volleyball and all the love in the air made for a great trip and wonderful wedding. Also, in Mexico they have these things called “Margaritas” and take our word for it, they are quite exceptional.


Always You

It is so much fun to shoot weddings for a group of friends or a group of siblings. In this case, we got both. I’m sure if we did some thinking we could tell you who the first one of the group to get married was, but where’s the fun in thinking? What we do know is that the Cosich boys are some of the most gut wrenching funniest people we’ve ever met. And wow is Eloise a gorgeous bride! She and Tory make such a good looking couple it should be illegal. Hope you enjoy the trailer.

An International Affair

Julien is from the French Carribean and Carley hails from sweet home Chicago, IL right here in the good ol’ US of A. The two met at a costume party in London. The two had been crossing oceans and borders for years and finally decided that it was time to build a life together without those restrictions. So with the help of some great friends and family, they finally tied the knot at the Chicago Intercontinental Hotel.

Skydiving, the Woman of My Dreams and…

“By Hindu customs, the groom comes on a horse but I will be coming on 500 horses!” is what Praveen told us about his Bharat. I said, “I like your style.” Guess what else, he proposed to Shallini by conspiring with the folks at CSC skydiving center to place a “Will You Marry Me” banner on the landing area. Yeah. That means they both jumped out of a plane. Soulmates, right there. Truly a unique couple and that’s how we like it.


Once Upon a Time in Chicago

Amit and Neha are one of the most fun loving, selfless, super-into-film couples we have ever shot. Yeah that’s a lot of adjectives but they really are. We talked for hours about films and what would be cool in their wedding film and of course what would not be cool. There were times I thought my face was going to freeze up from laughing so much. Pound for pound we’ve shot more footage of these two people than anyone else. We affectionately refer to it as the Trivedi trilogy. This is their Engagement Film, we also made a Concept Film for their reception and their Wedding Film was shot down in Atlanta. We are fortunate to call them friends and look forward to shooting their a film about their new baby later this year.

You Oughta Know

Family is by far the most important thing in my life so it was easy to get excited about Adam and Kelly’s wedding film at the Danada House. Their theme was a family tree and they had all these old pictures from family members decorating the reception. After talking with the bride and groom and hearing how important their families were to them, we decided to incorporate that into their wedding film. All of their family members were so awesome to film. We talked for a bit before we rolled camera to make sure they were comfortable, but it wasn’t even necessary. They were real pros. Tell me you don’t want to dish out some hugs or call your grandparents after watching this.

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