About Us

We have been making films

for over 11 years. In that time we’ve learned so much stuff we wouldn’t even know where to begin to list it and we’re pretty sure it would bore you to tears anyway. We have grown from a one man shop to a collection of talented individuals and artists that make up the current Turning Point team. We’ve studied everything from shooting techniques to customer psychology. We’ve asked for feedback from clients on everything and through that process we’re proud to say that we’ve racked up over a decade of the happiest clients on Earth. We strive to make choosing our services one of the easiest most stress-free parts of your wedding! We are confident we can create a truly unique product and experience that no other company can touch, in fact, a lot of the close friends we have now were once in your position… a bride or a groom trying to figure this whole thing out. We think that says a lot about our company and it makes us very proud.

We added photography

because we knew we could partner up with the right people and add the other side of the visual medium, photography, to our team here at Turning Point. This process took a long time to find someone who is both a talented artist and places the importance of customer happiness above all else. Over the last couple of years we’ve worked closely with a couple of fantastic photographers who not only blew away our expectations, but fit right in with our personalities to create one cohesive unit. We’re very happy with the efforts and look forward to creating photos that our clients cherish for generations.

You can book photo and video through us and we can get you a little discount for your efforts. However, if you already have a photographer and just want to hire us to create your wedding film, that’s fine too. Chances are we know them and have worked with them. The truth is, we want what’s best for you and your wedding so you can book us in whatever capacity you like: photo only, video only or photo and video.

We are very happy and grateful

to note our track record of  good standing in all aspects of our company be it the quality of our work, the recommendations of our clients and the philanthropic ventures we take on every year. What does all this mean to you? It means we offer  the security of a solid company in good fiscal standing that continually evolves to incorporate the best styles, practices and philosophies. What you get is piece of mind that you will be hiring artists who continually fine tune their craft from a company that is rock solid with a long reputation of extremely satisfied clients.




In addition to weddings

, we also produce corporate commercials and business web videos. And from time to time we enjoy creating music videos and independent films. Drop us a line to talk about your project.

Having trouble viewing these videos please visit us on our Vimeo Channel. Check out our Facebook page for the latest wedding photography and wedding films. You can call us at 630.709.3845 for more information about our wedding photographers, videographers and cinematic wedding filmmakers.